Whimsical Alice in Wonderland themed Photo Shoot

Today we are taking a little trip to Wonderland with not one, with the shoots inspired by the dreaminess of tea parties and the Mad Hatter. Is the perfect inspiration for all of you brides out there that love a touch of whimsy mixed with unabashed girliness. Caribbean Wedding created a marvelous fairy tale scene shot by Nik Vacuum Photography and the following is the golden child of their collaboration. Be sure to check out the gallery because there was just wayyy too much goodness to fit in one post.

This fun shoot was inspired and styled with our own fun spin on the Alice in Wonderland story!  As with other adaptations of young Alice’s tale, our Alice is quite the dreamer. However, instead of imagining a world of silly nonsensical, our Alice dreams of her whimsical wedding with the Mad Hatter!

Her story begins as she dozes off while sitting under her favorite tree reading classic love stories. Upon awakening, she finds herself caught in a mad cyclone of playing cards and croquet. Although our mischievous Alice is running late to the ceremony, she decides to sneak a peek at her reception instead. Alice’s tea party is way beyond what she envisioned! Nothing too extravagant, just an elegant party for her, the Mad Hatter, Mr. Rabbit, and of course the Queen…personalized with all the details she loves! The dreamy palette of colors is inspired by some of her favorite things: the sea, blush, champagne and  clouds. The grand floral arrangement imitates the feel of her favorite tree with its mossy trunk and colorful mushroom scattered base. Suspended from the branches of this arrangement are floral filled teacups. A medley of other floral filled teapots, as well as her dearest books are scattered about the table.  The place settings are pieced together using pieces from her great-grandmothers china collection. Since Alice adores all mystery , a Cheshire masks are placed for each guest. But Alice’s favorite treat is a delicious cupcake, especially for her and her love to share! As Alice sits and admires her delightful party, she begins to daydream about her next adventure! Wonder where it will take her?