Vows Renewal on the Yacht in Catalina Island, Dominican Republic

Vow renewal is very special moment. I’m completely and totally reminded of what really matters — the couple, the stories, the love. Let me introduce you to our lovely couple Stas and Anna. Spend some time with this sweet, sweet family and their beautiful day brought to life by Nik Vacuum Photography right here.

From the Groom… My wife and I renewed our vows in the Catalina Island, Dominican Republic. We wanted to make it in a real inhibited island, in the middle of the ocean. And thank to Caribbean Wedding agency WE DID IT!

From the Bride… Everything about the day was perfect. We felt so blessed to be surrounded by the ocean and palm trees on the Catalina Island. Inspire of my sea sickness, in a way, the day was so much sweeter than our wedding day, because even though we know how hard marriage can be, we were still choosing to say yes.

Photographer Nik Vacuum  www.nikvacuum.com
Wedding organization by www.wedding-caribbean.com