VIP Tiffany Wedding Style

Do you dream to surround yourself with beautiful things? And maybe even to be smothered in luxury? “Tiffany” Wedding Style is a luxury and elegance in everything! Crystal and diamonds everywhere, from glasses to chandeliers. White flowers, lots of chocolate, pink champagne served. A pleasant surprise for the bride is a blue box with a white bow… and diamond from Tiffany & Co. Classic gift with the help of which not only one generation was declare love!

Paul and Pauline met in a cafe on January 24, 2013 . The next day Paul invited Pauline on a date, and , behold, less than a year , the guys arrived in Punta Cana , tie their union of love and to get married on the most beautiful beach of Cap Cana . There is no happenstance that Wedding Style Tiffany was chosen. Azure or sky-blue color is a Pauline’s favorite. Fresh flowers on the arch, pearl beads, wedding swing, cages with white roses, feathers and airy atmosphere of fairy magic – a dream that has come true with the help of wedding agency Caribbean Wedding in the Dominican Republic. Congratulations! I wish you happiness and ocean of love!

Photographer Nik Vacuum.
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