VIP Nautical Red and White Wedding Style. Dominican Republic, Cap Cana

Is’t it great when two people find each other … When there is a magical attraction?!
Photography is such a unique thing – can not lye. I guess if you want to check something on the authenticity, it is necessary to capture it … And then , looking at the picture, you will find all the answers.
A unique love story of Kirill and Mary began nine years ago on the Internet. We could not believe it is still happen! But once we saw the eyes Cyril and Maria, full of love and happiness we knew – it is happens!
The guys knew each other from the photos and few words chatting in one night, and now, standing in front of the wedding arch in Caribbean and spelling uttering words of love, they create their shared history, remaining the moments of happiness in the family album. At the wedding ceremony in sunny Dominican Republic the sweet couple Maria and Kirill invited their relatives and close friends!
We wish long years of happy marriage to the guys and saying: Cheers! )


Always yours,
Caribbean Wedding

Photo by Nik Vacuum.