Our team

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Let us introduce our team:

Irina Avvakumova and Nikolas Avvakumov – are owners of the company.

Nicholas: “We live in the Dominican Republic for 6 years, we have published a magazine about the Dominican Republic (www.lagoon.do), conducted a site dedicated to the Dominican Republic and Wedding in Dominican Republic. We tried to tell people about what actually Dominican Republic is like, with its culture and its traditions. We have always tried to show the Dominican Republic, from the best side and make all the people all over the world felt in love with beautiful country and come back here again and again.

Irina has been organizing weddings and holidays, and Nicholas mostly boats (www.yachtcharterdominicana.ru). He went on sailing yachts in all Caribbean, he drove a few boats from the United States to the Dominican Republic and around the Island area.
Irina: “I consider myself as a perfectionist. I like to work hard and many things do by myself. With pleasure I spend the ceremony as a Master of Cermony sometimes, especially if the couple is asking me about it. There is nothing better in the world how to be a part of somebody’s happines, smile and spread the love“!

The MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL are working with us!
Alice – charming wedding Master of Ceremony, Elena in the marketing department, and Oksana – our irreplaceable wedding coordinator.