VIP Tiffany Wedding Style

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Do you dream to surround yourself with beautiful things? And maybe even to be smothered in luxury? “Tiffany” Wedding Style is a luxury and elegance in everything! Crystal and diamonds everywhere, from glasses to chandeliers. White flowers, lots of chocolate, pink champagne…

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Wedding Vows

Do you guys give attention to the wedding vows? Have you put it down to the list of paper before your standing and looking to your bride/groom eyes? Did you ask someone for a help or made your own original wedding toast,…

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VIP Tropical Wedding Style

VIP Tropical Wedding Style – Read more

DIY and handmade tropical wedding accessories – certificate, vows, champagne glasses and more. Dominican Master of Ceremony, and musical trio “Raimundo” made the day very special. Photo by Nik Vacuum: Wedding organization by

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